Event Conferencing

Highlight of Event Conferencing

From coordinating proceedings to managing participants, UltraCall operators offer helpful conferencing support. Our operators can facilitate shareholder's meetings, analyst's meetings, or other large group conferences by providing courteous assistance at the beginning and as needed to ensure the meeting goes smoothly. (Support is available in Japanese or English.)

Conferencing scenario: shareholder meeting

High-Quality Conferencing

General telephone lines with proven reliability provide the core teleconferencing infrastructure. A web management tool ensures ample security by enabling organizers to check participation and lock out others.

100% Participation

A phone and Internet access are all you need for easy teleconferencing or web conferencing. Any problems entering PIN numbers are resolved by automatically contacting an operator, who will admit participants. Optional features also encourage attendance, such as dial-out service for participants to join meetings.

Flexible Support

Settings for each PIN number can be customized to suit the type of conference. Other options include moderated and managed and facilitated conferencing experienced (operator-assisted conferencing and support in admitting and managing participants). These services can be combined as needed for the ultimate in support.


(tax not included)

Conferencing Type Service Rates Notes
MC (Facilitator Service) 50,000yen Supported by a dedicated operator, from managing admittance to facilitating proceedings.
Managed Conferencing 50,000yen After participants state their name and join the meeting, an operator presents this information on the conference management screen.
(Requires activation of the roll call feature.)

(tax not included)

Connection Method Access Point Service Rates
(per minute)
Local Access In Japan 50yen/connection Conferencing participants pay calling rates.
Charges to connect to the access points will be billed to participants by their carrir.
Toll Free In Japan 60yen/connection
(incls calling rates)
Service charges are borne by the organizer.
Dial Out In Japan 60yen/connection
(incls calling rates)
Service charges are borne by the organizer.
Web Conferencing - 18yen/connection Use of the console (conference management screen) is free of charge.

Note: Multiple overseas access points are available. (Contact us for details on service areas and charges.)

(tax not included)

Option Service Service Rates Notes
Recording / CD Making 3,000yen/disk Provides a recording of conferences on CD.
Conferences are recorded at no charge.
(Postage is borne by customers.)

Volume Discount

(tax not included)

Total amount of usage 2,000〜9,999 min 10,000〜29,999 min over 30,000 min
Discount rate 15% 20% 25%
Local Access in Japan
(per minute)
50yen → 42.5yen 50yen → 40yen 50yen → 37.5yen

Note: Discounts do not apply to optional services.