Call Forwarding

Call Forwarding [for Reception Abroad]

Call Forwarding from UltraCall is a convenient international calling service that automatically transfers calls made to a dedicated number in Japan (050/03 or 0120/0800 numbers) to an overseas number at affordable rates.
You can use this service for various business needs, whether it is for a large scale call centers providing customer support, reservations, or technical support in small-middle size business in foreign countries.
All calls are instantly forwarded to your predetermined overseas number, whether from fixed phones, mobile phones, PHS handsets, public phones, or IP telephones. This service eliminates the need to set up a special line or overseas dedicated line for forwarding calls.

Easy Dialing

After you apply, we will inform you the dedicated number.

Your Dedicated Number:03-XXXX-XXXX. Or, if you choose a toll-free number:0120-XXXX-XXXX. Recieved by
Your Specified Overseas Number.

*A separate fee applies to toll-free forwarding.

Service Charges

Basic monthly charge as below is required as well as call charges.

Basic Monthly Charge 1800 yen / channel (tax exemption)

Call Charges

Sample rates for 1-minute call (24 hours flat / 1-minute. increments)

Code Rate
Code Rate
USA 1 40 Israel 972 70
Canada 1 50 South Africa 27 100
Brazil 55 90 UAE 971 100
UK 44 60 Australia 61 70
France 33 70 China 86 70
Germany 49 70 Korea South 82 60
Italy 39 70 Hong Kong 852 60
Netherlands 31 70 Taiwan 886 70
Belgium 32 70 Singapore 65 60
Switzerland 41 70 India 91 90
Sweden 46 70 Malaysia 60 80
Denmark 45 70 Thailand 66 80
Spain 34 70 Viet Nam 84 100
Russia 7 100

Please contact us for other rates.

*An additional 30 yen is applied for forwarding to mobile phones overseas.
*If you would like to keep using your current phone number(03-xxxx-xxxx) and forward to an overseas number, domestic call forwarding service (called Voice Warp in NTT service) is available.Your current number(03-xxxx-xxxA)→domestic call forward by Voice Warp→your dedicated number(03-xxxx-xxxB)→oversea number. Any costs for Voice Warp are the responsibility of you.