Call Distinction Service

Mobile Call Distinction Service

Easy to use! Just add 00XX before the number when you call for business purpose. The business calls are automatically charged to the company. No more wasting time and money on tedious reimbursement!

Dialing Example

Just add 00XX! Use speed-dial memory!

The number which applies to “XX” will be advised with the service entry notice.

Keep Business and Personal Calls Separate on One Phone

Employees using their own mobile phone for business calls and personal calls can keep the business calls separate with UltraCall by dialing 00XX for business calls. Business calls dialed with 00XX are listed on a separate statement, not on the mobile carrier's invoice, which can be sent directly to the employer.

  • No more paying bills for reimbursement later! No expense reports!
  • Save a lot of time on tedious reimbursement!

Stop Lending Company Phones

Now that companies can stop managing extra handsets, they're free to cancel mobile service subscriptions. Employees use their own mobile phones for business and personal calls.

  • No more fixed expense for keeping company mobile phones!
  • No more hassle carrying two phones for business and personal use!

Great Savings for Mobile Phone Users

Up to 52% off calling charges! Save on the basic service fees, too!

Mobile rates vary for carriers and their plans. Generally, the lower the monthly basic service charge, the higher the call rates, and vice-versa. That's where UltraCall makes a difference.

  • Signed up for pricey monthly basic plan
     -Switch to an inexpensive plan and call using UltraCall. Save on monthly basic charge and calling rates, together!
  • Signed up for an inexpensive plan already
     -Keep your plan and enjoy lower calling rates with UltraCall.

Rates with Carriers' Lowest Plans (weekday daytime domestic calls)

Rate Comparison for a One-Minute Call

Mobile Carrier's Lowest Service Plan Lowest Monthly
Service Charge
Calling Fixed phones Calling Mobile phones
Carrier Calling Rates UltraCall Carrier Calling Rates UltraCall
NTT Docomo Type SS 980yen 42yen/min. 20yen/min. 22yen
42yen/min. 30yen/min. 12yen
au Plan SS 980yen 42yen/min. 22yen
42yen/min. 12yen
SoftBank White Plan 980yen 42yen/min. 22yen
42yen/min. 12yen

*Mobile rates vary depending on the service plan. Compare these rates with your plan.
*With White Plan, calls between SoftBank users are free of charge between 1 a.m. to 9 p.m.
*When volume or family discounts are used, rates may be less than with UltraCall for brief calls, in some cases.
*Service fees in this example are for subscribers in Tokyo.

  • No sign-up fees or monthly charges
  • Flat rates nationwide all day long, 1-minute increments
  • Free call itemization, listing all calls
  • Available exclusively for corporate customers
  • No consumption tax: This service uses international lines, which are exempt.
  • Registration of this service enables international direct dial service.

*UltraCall's standard international mobile rates will be applied.