UltraCall Service

Landline Services

Save by choosing UltraCall for all categories of MyLine domestic service, from local to long-distance calls. Enjoy volume discounts for international service on the highest quality lines.

Mobile and PHS Services

Business calls from employees' own mobile phones can be billed to your company automatically. Additionally, international service is available on all mobile carriers' models of mobile phones and PHS units.

Other Services

About UltraCall

UltraCall resolves issues in corporate telecommunications services!
Save on calls, and receive itemized call statement tailored to your company!

Under the large resale contract with major telecommunications carriers, UltraCall brings you the high-quality telecom services of leading carriers at low rates not available to individual customers. Simply sign up with us for direct access to a range of telecom services offered by major carriers. We'll keep track of your usage data for these telecom services and bill you with a detailed call itemization customized for your company.


UltraCall Mission

As an authorized reseller in the telecom industry, we are in a unique position to offer corporate customers a variety of ICT solutions. Our customers enjoy the same high calling quality, suited to their needs, while cutting costs and managing charges more efficiently. What enterprises are looking for in the current economy is lower fixed expenses, with prime examples being personnel, rent, and communications expenses. Reducing personnel expenses comes at a high cost both for employees and the economy in general as companies resort to downsizing, pay cuts, and dismissal of temp workers. Reducing rent involves landlord negotiations, which takes time. Rarely can firms reduce their rent immediately, and a lower rent often means a smaller scale of operations. This leaves reducing communications expenses as one of the few painless and effective ways for companies to cut costs with immediate results. In fact, if all enterprises in Japan took advantage of economical UltraCall plans, the savings would total nearly 1.5 trillion yen by our estimates. But even when companies look to cut calling costs, true savings is not possible if they are tied up in old relationships. Even if you're satisfied with current savings, you may well be overlooking ways to save more.

UltraCall can slash your company's communications expenses. More than just economical plans, these ICT solutions enable more efficient accounting, higher quality service, and greater security. With the funds freed up by this savings and the efficiency you enjoy, you can safeguard your workforce and invest in the future of your business. We hope the savings helps revive many companies, enhances international competitiveness, and stimulates the Japanese economy, which we feel is the UltraCall mission.

About UltraNetCom

UltraNetCom is Global Tank's affordable range of data transmission services.

  • Volume contracts with carriers enable us to pass on low-cost services and other benefits to our corporate customers.
  • Detailed call itemizations (intelligent invoices) are prepared, customized for your company.
  • Start using your communication services after initial consultation. In consultation, we draw on a solid record with more than 2,000 clients in Japan and overseas.


Cut costs without compromising communication quality.
Added services help you work more efficiently.

UltraNetCom Services

Internet access(Flet's, etc.)
Dedicated lines, Ethernet lines
Network design(including VPNs)
Datacenter management service