Company Profile

Corporate Philosophy

Global TaNk provides effective, reliable, and affordable ICT solutions with a competitive edge, designed to support significant business growth for our customers. Specializing in corporate telecom services since 1993, we have always been committed not only to saving clients money but also offering original, highly value-added services.
Global TaNK aims to provide a next generation telecom infrastructure to help clients strengthen their businesses.

Company Information

Corporate Name Global TaNK Co., Ltd.
4-3-1 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0001
TEL 03-5657-9000
Established August, 1993
Representative Haruyuki Tanaka
Carrier license Telecommunications carrier (No. A-11-03348)
Business partners ARTERIA Networks Corp.
Colt Technology Services Co., Ltd.
KDDI Corporation
NTT East
NTT West
NTT Communications
Rakuten Communications Corp.
SoftBank Corp.
Telstra Co., Ltd.


On Foot
・3 minutes from Kamiya-cho Subway Station


August 1993 Global TaNK Co., Ltd. was founded as a sole agent of marketing U.S. Telegroup, Inc.
December 1995 Global Access Direct (Type-2 International Telecommunications) service launched
June 1996 Developed Intelligent billing system jointly with Lucent Technologies
March 1997 Primary agency agreement of domestic Long-Distance services with the 4 major domestic telecommunication companies concluded
July 1999 UltraCall international telecommunication service launched as the first resale of Type-1 service in Japan
March 2000 Intelligent Invoice (customized invoice per extension) service launched
May 2001 Conference Call service (connecting up to 90 parties) launched
February 2002 International Toll-Free Collect Call service launched
August 2002 Call Forwarding (call forwarding service to overseas) launched
May 2003 Videoconferenceing system service launched in partnership with major VC manufacturers
August 2003 Fixed phones to Mobile phones discount service launched
September 2003 Local-call service launched (The lowest rate in Japan)
October 2003 Domestic Toll-Free Call service launched
April 2004 Ultra ISDN1500 service launched
March 2006 Osaka Access Point for Conference Call service launched
June 2007 Tokyo Data Centre located
March 2008 Direct line service (ISDN1500, ISDN64, Analog) launched
November 2008 Mobile call distinction service launched
June 2009 Large-scale conference call service launched
November 2009 Direct and dedicated lines service launched
March 2010 Call centre consulting service launched
November 2011 Tokyo Data Centre relocated
December 2011 Multi Carrier Centrex service launched
May 2014 Videoconferencing Service launched
April 2015 Cloud-based IP-PBX service "UltraPBX" launched
March 2016 Tokyo Data Centre utilisation enhanced
June 2017 New billing system launched